недеља, 07. новембар 2010.

A sandy beach in the morning

For most people sunrise is one of the most beautiful views. Leonard has that opinion too.

He is walking on the beach, tired and exhausted from crying. On his pale face, his cried out eyes are the most marked, with his ruffled hair on his face. 

A man can hear silence, without any wind, and waves soft as cotton. The open see seems endless, a man can see the reflection of the sun on the surface, wonderfully melting in with the sky. A few clouds are wondering in the sky, searching for a place to fit in. By the time they find a place some other clouds form and tenderly coddle with each other.

The sky looks like a puzzle which cannot be solved.

Leonard has sat on the sand, his lips are moving, and creating a smile. He can't believe that his love isn't next to him, and that she can't see the nature beauty. He puts his hands in the water and starts feeling the water flowing his body.

The water starts to whisper, but he can't understand anything. He wipes his tears of his face, keeping the astonishing smile.

He asks himself how many times he will see the sunrise.

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